Transport Information

Delivery time = processing time + shipping time

Processing time: 3-5 working days

Shipping time: Standard shipping 5-15 working days

Our estimated delivery date depends on a variety of factors, including the destination address and how quickly we can assemble and prepare your items for shipping.

Transportation costs:

Shipping costs are calculated based on package weight and destination, and we offer free standard shipping on orders over $109.


Q: Will my order be delayed?

A: Your order may be slightly delayed, but rest assured it is on its way to you.
We are following changing local government guidelines, so please keep checking your order for updates. If your order fails to arrive, our team will contact you personally to discuss a refund or reshipment.

Q: My question has not been answered yet, who can I contact?

A: Most importantly, we have your back. If we do not answer your questions above, please contact

Mailing method:

Delivery time varies depending on shipping method. Shipping times vary based on your location and where your package originates. You can also view the table below for more details on delivery times:

Mailing method delivery time area
Standard shipping 12-15 days North America  (United States)
15-20 days Oceania(澳大利亚) 
10-15 days Europe  (France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
15-20 days Europe  (Sweden Portugal Italy)
5-12 days Europe  (UK)
7-15 days Europe  (Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria)
7-15 days Europe  (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)
15-25 days North America  (Canada, Mexico)
12-20 days South America  (Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador)
7-15 days Asia  (South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Palestine)
15-20 days Europe  (Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Russia)
7-15 days Africa  (Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Africa, Niger, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, Sudan, Guinea)
5-12 days Oceania  (New Zealand)

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